Content Development

Web Content Development is the process of researching, writing, organizing, and editing information for a website. Effective content not only helps to explain a business’s product and services, but it also helps the search engines recognize the website for that product or service. When Search Engines like Google and Yahoo index a website, the content plays a huge role in whether a website will show on the first search page.

Planetguide offers web content services to our customers for their websites and blogs. We will write effective content for the website to properly optimize the page for search engines. In addition, we will also provide original content for a website blog. Blogs are short stories or articles that are written in an informal style that not only provide updated content to the website but also create additional interest in the business website.

We also offer a variety of tools to create video content for a website including drone videography and 360° videography. Planetguide has the legal authority to fly a drone commercially and we can provide our FAA section 333 Exemption upon request. With the 360° camera, we can create virtual tours of businesses, homes, retail stores and events.

A good combination of written content, photography and videography creates a captivating and sophisticated website.