responsive website designResponsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design is a design approach that adapts to the user’s device and presents an optimal viewing experience. This means that the Website Design will be easy to read and navigate with a minimum of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling. In addition, it enables website users to have a positive experience across a wide range of devices. Most noteworthy, the Planetguide team is knowledgable about all areas of web design such as E-Commerce, Shopping Carts, and Search Engine Optimization. is the innovating leader in the latest website designs. We strive to ensure the best results for our clients as a progressive Responsive Website Design Company. Click Here To See Our Website Portfolio.

E-Commerce Website

Our E-Commerce Website Designs incorporate Responsive Web Design, as a result, the user experience throughout the available mobile devices will remain consistant. Consequently, Google will also reward E-Commerce websites that are responsive by boosting the ratings and Quality Score. Since a higher rating and quality score is valued by Google, it will probably result in e-commerce shoppers finding your website organically. A dynamic website that incorporates Responsive Web Design and E-commerce will have an Immediate Website Impact on the overall desired performance of a business website. In conclusion, it is important to incorporate a powerful, user-friendly E-Commerce website builder into the overall responsive web design to make good sales and fill shopping carts.

Google, Yahoo, & Bing 

Google, Yahoo, & Bing recommend that all website should include Responsive Website Design in the overall website. Especially relevant, Google formally announced that Responsive Web Design is highly recommended for mobile website delivery. Google also made it one of the elements that will affect a Website Quality Score and Ratings. This means that the Responsive Web Design inclusion will impact whether a user will see a website in a Google Search. Consequently,  it will impact the cost of advertising with Google Adwords. Hence, both Yahoo and Bing have followed in the same direction regarding Responsive Website Design. In conclusion, if you want your business to be found on the top search engines, it is important to design your website using the latest design tools.