Business Email Compromise SCAM

What Is A Business Email Compromise SCAM? The Business Email Compromise (BEC) is also known as the email account compromise (EAC). The Business Email Compromise SCAM is one of the most damaging online scams. It goes after emails both personal and professional. In a Business Email Compromise SCAM, the criminal(s) will send an email [...]

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The CIA Is Not Coming For You

The CIA Is Not Coming For You It's a stubborn spam that keeps sticking around and now scammer seem to become more aggressive even using the name of the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA . We first reported about this in July of last year, and now have come across another scary version. [...]

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Don’t Fall For Spam Trying To Blackmail You

Don't Fall For Spam Trying To Blackmail You It's a spam that does not seem to go away. We first reported about this sort of scam in July of 2018. You receive a threatening e-mail claiming a hacker got access to your computer and now you are unable to change your password. Even [...]

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Why You Need To Brand Your Email

Why You Need To Brand Your Email Does your e-mail still look generic like this: instead of This may hurt your business  and  you may not be taken seriously. As a matter for fact, some surveys suggest that about 65% consumers actually trust a professional company branded email more than just a [...]

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Does That Email Smell Phishy?

Don't Get Caught By A Phishing Scam Phishing scams have been around for a while, but people still fall for them. These scams usually involve fraudulent email messages  which appear to come from a legitimate enterprise like your internet service provider, your bank or other companies you may be doing business with.  If you open [...]

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