Do you like Halloween?

If you like Halloween, you are not alone. The popularity has increased for Halloween every year and is only second to Christmas, according to many experts. Who would have ever guessed that vampires, witches,  scary ghosts, and candy could compete with Santa Claus and toys? Halloween is also very popular for retail spending accounting for about 17 million of consumer purchases. So, since Halloween is so popular, consider having a little bit of fun with it, and use the tricks, treats and costumes as a backdrop for some of your own advertising.

Terminix Mosquito & Vampire - Halloween Social Media Posts

Mosquito Vs Vampire Halloween Social Media Post

Have you ever heard of mosquitoes being called “blood suckers?” The team had also heard these pests being called this name, and it also reminded us of another notorious blood sucker – The Vampire. In this playful cartoon advertisement, we had a little bit of fun with the competing blood suckers. The real mosquito says, “I vant to drink your blood!” and in response, the cartoon-like vampire says, “Hey, that’s my line!” Of course, the Terminix Pest Control logo, phone number and website are part of this fun social media ad.

Spooktacular Sale –  Social Media Video Post

Do you have a sale coming soon? It is so hard to stand out on television or on the internet. There are so many videos, posts, and blogs that bombard potential consumers. So, how do you make your sale different from all others? Don’t worry, you can have a little bit of help from Halloween. In this Texas Paint & Wallpaper commercial, the team went all out.  From the Vampire Voice to the Skeleton jamming on the piano, every Halloween detail was added even down to the title of the sale – The Spooktacular sale. Plus, the script was creatively written to not only sell the details of the sale, but also had the added benefit of entertaining viewers with rhymes. As a result, whether or not a person even needed paint or wallpaper at that time, they would share the video with friends helping to promote the Spooktacular Texas Paint & Wallpaper Fall Sale.