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How To Increase Traffic To Your New Website

How To Increase Traffic To My New Website Now that you have your pretty new website, you have to make sure that people see your products and your new site. Nowadays, it is getting more and more difficult to get through the "clutter", but there are a few things you can and have to [...]

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Google Advertising

What is Google Advertising? One of the most popular search engines in America is with about 75% of the market share. Please use it to search for everything from Pest Control and AC Companies to Realtors and Local Spas. Every second, 2.3 million searches are performed on Google. The question is whether or not you [...]

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Stagnant Website

Update Your Stagnant Website If you have a business, any business at all, you most likely have a website. If you do not have a website, you are missing out on great opportunities for you business. But, if you do have a website, use it well and use it often. A Stagnant Website that is [...]

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Advertising Revolution

Advertising has definitely had some revolutionary changes of over the past ten years. Once upon a time, business marketing centered around standard promotional sources like newspapers, magazines, TV commercials, and radio spots. The Sunday Newspaper Ads were the best places to advertise because every potential consumer loved to get the big Sunday edition. Advertising could be further [...]

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Does Anyone Actually Use The Yellow Pages?

How Is Your Marketing Mix? All businesses advertise is some way, shape, or form whether it is through word-of-mouth, print, TV, or online. It is an essential part of every type of business no matter if it is a service business or a retail business. But, as consumers change, the best way to reach [...]

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