Advertising has definitely had some revolutionary changes of over the past ten years.

web trafficOnce upon a time, business marketing centered around standard promotional sources like newspapers, magazines, TV commercials, and radio spots. The Sunday Newspaper Ads were the best places to advertise because every potential consumer loved to get the big Sunday edition. Advertising could be further reinforced with a magazine ad, radio spots and a television commercial during the news would reach even more customers. This advertising mixture was effective and got the word out about a business. It was almost simple, but then internet advertising hit the mix.

Unfortunately for those businesses and advertising companies who were comfortable with the status quo, internet advertising has revolutionized how businesses must now advertise to reach customers. Google, Facebook, and Instagram have very quickly stolen market share from all of the old advertising resources. Newspapers no longer reach the entire market and certainly do not appeal to most newer customers. There are lots of magazines to choose from, but will they actually result in a good return on investment (ROI)? TV and Radio advertising has been diluted by Amazon, Netflix, and Pandora that all offer commercial free viewing and listening. What is the advertising answer?

Evolve or Disappear

Today’s businesses must make their presence known on the internet if they want to survive during this advertising revolution. If you don’t have a website, get one immediately. If your website is old and is not responsive (adapts or changes for other devices), get it updated immediately. Next, get a Facebook Page and Google + Page at the bare minimum when it comes to social media presence. You may not like social media stuff, but be assured that many of your customers do like it. Content is King (or Queen) when it comes to the internet. A business has unlimited advertising space on a website and social media to convey a message. Write Blogs, Post Sales, and tell the world why they should purchase your product or service.

Google & Facebook

After you have finished the above basic things on the internet, it is time to start advertising. There are lots of advertising opportunities on the internet, but there are two that stand out: Google Advertising and Facebook.

Google Advertising is probably the most popular form of advertising simply because when someone has a question…They GOOGLE it to find out the answer whether it is a restaurant, plumber or clothing store. A google advertising campaign can be set up to reach potential customers who are searching for your business’s product or services. What is unique about a Google Campaign is that you only have to pay when a person clicks on your ad. Ads can be served up based on specific locations, demographics, and keywords. Therefore, your ROI will actually be measurable. In addition, Google offers a lot of reports to further analyze your results.

Facebook Advertising is another very successful advertising resource. It is relatively inexpensive and can reach a very tailored group that can be highly customized by locations, interests, and demographics. You can advertise a post, video, slideshow, or even a Facebook page. Facebook also offers a variety of reports to analyze your campaign results.

Where To Begin

Advertising online can be very confusing and time-consuming. Many businesses hire a company that specializes in online advertising. Planetguide specializes in online advertising from Google and Social Media Advertising to Website Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We are the only company in Louisiana that has all of the Google Certifications, which means that we spend a lot of time understanding the ends and outs of online advertising with Google. If you want to know more about how we can help you create an effective online presence and advertising campaign, call us at 504-888-5384 and we will be happy to explain your options.