Why Social Media Is Not A Substitute For A Website

Social Media is a wonderful marketing tool, but it is not a professional website. A Website builds relationships and is the best way to show that your business is a professional one. 

Social Media is a great way to expose potential customers to your business. You can advertise to a specific audience and gain exposure in a fairly inexpensive way. But, social media is only part of what you need to have a complete online presence. The most important thing to know about social media is today it is popular and tomorrow it may be gone. Do you remember MySpace, Vine or even Google +? They are all gone today and no longer popular. If you had invested all of your time into one of these social media apps that no longer exists, all of your efforts would have been for nothing. To learn more about the Good, The Bad & The Ugly when it comes to social media – READ HERE.

A Website & Social Media Work Well Together

Remember, there is no social media substitute for a website, but they work very well together. If you blog on your website about your products and services, it will help your overall presence on the internet. Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your organic ranking on Google – Learn more about the benefits HERE. In addition, blogging and content are very important part of your Search Engine Optimization (See More HERE).  Once you have completed your blog, it is important to share it on your social media accounts. When someone clicks from your Facebook blog link to your website, they can actually see everything that you offer on your website. If you have the product or service that they want, you may have just earned a new customer. Social Media is also a great way to guide people back to your website to LEARN MORE.

Social Media Is Not A Substitute for A Website

Benefits of a Website

A Business Website has many benefits, but the most important one is that you own your website and the domain name. You make the rules on your website. The content, style and design is all up to you. Building a website can be complicated for some, but don’t worry, Planetguide is here to help. We can help you design your website, take photos, create videos and even provide all of the content. Give us a call today and we start to bring your business storefront onto the world wide web.