Social Media: Advantages & Disadvantages

Let's face it...Social Media is here to stay. Social Media like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and Instagram have not replaced Face to Face contact, but they certainly have stolen some of that "market share." The various social platforms have dramatically impacted the way we communicate with each other. We no longer have to pick up [...]

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Advertising Revolution

Advertising has definitely had some revolutionary changes of over the past ten years. Once upon a time, business marketing centered around standard promotional sources like newspapers, magazines, TV commercials, and radio spots. The Sunday Newspaper Ads were the best places to advertise because every potential consumer loved to get the big Sunday edition. Advertising could be further [...]

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Planetguide’s Tops of the Town Clients

Local Polls Can Impact A Business Online Visibility Tops of the Town is a poll that New Orleans Magazine put out to local New Orleanians in their magazine and online. The purpose is to get locals to give their real opinions on what they think are the Tops of the Town in New [...]

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