You may have heard about them and you have probably determined that they are something like a name tag for websites, but What is a Tag?

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If you have never heard of a tag for websites, you will typically find a list of tags at the bottom of a blog post or even on e-commerce products. Essentially, the tags are keywords that helps to classify or categorize content. For example, if you are shopping on a website for shoes and specifically running shoes, you can click the tag and find all running shoes, then you can also click the tag by the manufacturing to further improve your search.

Why not just click the header category?

It may seem redundant…why not just use the typical hierarchical structure of categorizing products? Content can only be placed in one location which limits the number of classifications each item can have. Tagging allows for greater flexibility. Not only can you select as many tags as necessary, but you can also create new tags without the hassle of determining where the new classification fits into the existing structure.

Many Users Like Tags

Tags allow you to classify and identify your content better which results in your users being able to locate your content better and quicker. Today, people do not want to waste time looking for something, they want the immediate gratification of finding the item they are looking for and probably making the purchase. If a user is frustrated, s/he will move on to a website where they will not be and you will lose the business. In addition, users may increase their purchases by reviewing all content that is provided by the tag of interest.

Increase Ranking with Tags

Search Engines like tags and they use them to tag the content it is associated with that will improve the users search results. If your tags are found to decrease bounce rats and improve the user experience, then your website content will improve organically and if you have a google advertising campaign running it will improve your quality score while reducing cost and increasing good clicks.

Your website is the first and possibly the last contact you will have with potential customers. If you have a quality and up-to-date website, you can use all of the tools to generate more business.

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