Update Your Stagnant Website

Planetguide Blog - Stagnant WebsiteIf you have a business, any business at all, you most likely have a website. If you do not have a website, you are missing out on great opportunities for you business. But, if you do have a website, use it well and use it often. A Stagnant Website that is never updated, changed or adapted to the times, will not only lose interest to potential consumers, but Google and other search engines will also lose interest.

Best Marketing Tool

Your website is your display window, it is your sales team, and it is the best way for customers to find you. Think about your website as a way of advertising and communicating everything about your business in a one-stop-shop. Your website is the first place people go to find out about your business and the services that you offer. If you do not provide them with that information, they will go to the competition.

Website Security Updates

A website is designed with software. The website software needs to be regularly updated. The software designers are regularly created patches that fix glitches in the software. They are also adapting and upgrading their software to improve the user experience and to protect it from hackers. A website does not automatically perform updates. The website administrator needs to do these updates on a regular basis which means at a minimum monthly. You can compare minor updates and patches to brushing and flossing your teeth everyday. The major updates are more like going to the dentist for cleaning, fixing a cavity or getting braces. You do not have to brush your teeth or even fix a cavity, but over time it may cause some major problems just like if you do not perform your website security updates.

Don’t Let Dust Buildup

A stagnant website that has never been changes since the day it was made, will not only become less popular with potential clients, but it will also lose ranking on the search engines. Use your website to inform customers about what is going on with your business, talk about and show new products or services, and update and change content on your website to reflect the changes in your industry. They do not have to be huge changes, just a little be of dusting to keep things fresh and new.

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