Hackers are everywhere prowling the internet searching for vulnerable websites, outdated software, and open doors. But, did you know that hackers actually use software that works 24/7 to find these online weaknesses?

Get A Solutions Against Hackers - PlanetguideA website design is similar to home construction.

A website is framed with software, like WordPress, and is supported and accessorized with a software theme and software plugins. It is always important to use good materials in your designs, which means it is very important to design your website using software that is secure and strong. WordPress and Woo Commerce are the most popular website software platforms and software programs. They are used by almost 1/3 of all websites in the world. This is good news and not only means that they have continued to be good software programs, but also means that they are regularly updated.

Do you perform maintenance on your house?

For anyone who owns a house, we know that the house is constantly needing to be repaired and maintained. It may be a leaking faucet, a monthly Termite or Pest Control Contract, or maybe even small fence repairs. But, the house must constantly be updated to make sure that even larger problems do not occur. Your website is no different. You cannot just build a website and then never look at it again. A website will have software updates. These updates can be for the theme, plugins, or even patches. These updates will include upgrades for software improvements, they will be fixes for small problems and most importantly they will be for security updates. If you do not perform these updates on a regular basis, at least monthly, it is not a matter of IF you will get hacked, but WHEN.

Maintain Your Website

Planetguide Multimedia Design Firm offers a variety of services for our clients from website hosting and website security maintenance to Google PPC Advertising and Social Media maintenance. We employ multiple security mechanisms that protect our network and server infrastructure from malicious attacks. In the event that an individual website has been compromised, we will suspend the site until the site is repaired. This policy not only protects the further damage to the individual website, but also protects other users interacting with the website. Every website is unique and requires regular updates and maintenance. The website owner is responsible for all updates. Planetguide offers a variety of hosting options for our clients starting at a basic hosting package at $14.95 per month to website security maintenance starting at $99.00 per month. We also can provide website updates and repair services on an hourly basis. Let Planetguide be like your home alarm system, monitoring and protecting your website from hackers. If you are interested in learning more about our services, Call Planetguide Today at 504-888-5384.

Make Sure You Protect Your Website Like You Would Your Home.

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