What is Google Advertising?

Google Advertising by Planetguide Online Advertising CompanyOne of the most popular search engines in America is Google.com with about 75% of the market share. Please use it to search for everything from Pest Control and AC Companies to Realtors and Local Spas. Every second, 2.3 million searches are performed on Google. The question is whether or not you want your business to be a part of these online Google searches. Google ads are one of the most effective ways of reaching potential customers.

What Are Google Ads?

There are a variety of different types of ads but there are two main categories of Google Ads: Search Ads and Display Ads. Google Search Ads are text ads that appear above the organic links and at the bottom of page based on specified keywords.  Google also offers Display ads which appear on the Google Display network. The Google Display Network is a huge collection of outside 3rd party websites that have partnered with google to show and serve up Google ads. Google Display ads can be text, image, video, or rich media format ads. Both Search and Display Google ads can target consumers in a variety of ways from location, demographics, device, even income range.

What is the Google Adwords Auction?

The Google Adwords auction is focused on keywords. An advertiser will choose relevant keywords to bid on to enter the Google Search. The amount bid combined with a quality score will determine where the Google ad will appear. There are a lot of factors that influence the Quality Score including website quality, bid amount,  and ad relevance. In order to “win” the Adwords auction, you will have to work on improving the quality score. The better the quality score, the lower the costs and the higher the exposure.

What do Google Ads Cost?

The cost of Google Advertising varies by industry and ad type. The more competitive the industry is for keywords, the higher the average cost will be to “win’ the auction. Display ads average about $0.58 per click and Search Ads average about $2.32. Once again, the cost depends on the demand for the specific keywords. The higher the demand, the higher the cost.

Google Advertising with Planetguide

Google Advertising may be the perfect solution to reach new customers for your business. Advertising on Google can be very confusing and complicated. Many business struggle with understanding with Google Advertising and find Display and Search Ads to be to complicated to commit to on an ongoing basis. This is why Planetguide can help you determine if Google Advertising is right for you business. We are Google Certified in all of the different types of Google Ads. We can help you create an effective campaign for you budget. Call us today at 504-888-5384.


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