Let’s face it…Social Media is here to stay.

Social Media PlanetguideSocial Media like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and Instagram have not replaced Face to Face contact, but they certainly have stolen some of that “market share.” The various social platforms have dramatically impacted the way we communicate with each other. We no longer have to pick up a telephone or meet in person, we can go to a Facebook page and see what’s up in a person’s life. As we peruse Pinterest or Youtube a how to, marketers are also trying to gain our attention with ads, products and even videos. Social Media Networks have opened up a whole new way for businesses to communicate with their customers, but this also means that these communication avenues can create both good and bad results.

What are the possible advantages?

  • Facilitates open communication between customers and businesses
  • Most social platforms are FREE
  • Increased Brand Exposure
  • Great way to provide Customer Service
  • Gain Feedback on your products
  • Learn more about your consumer
  • Great Sales & Leads tools

What are the possible disadvantages?

  • Negative customer or employee reviews are harmful
  • Lots of competition for attention
  • Difficult to measure ROI
  • Must monitor all social media for negative publicity
  • Need additional resources to maintain all social platforms
  • Risk of unwanted behavior from customers and employees, including bullying and harassment

Unfortunately for some, Fortunately for others, social media is here to stay. This means that every business no matter how small or large must create a social media marketing plan and strategy. Do not dismiss the importance of online marketing and your online presence. Not all social media platforms are worth investing the time and resources in to develop. Research all of the platforms and determine which ones would best help to reach your overall business goals.

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