How To Get Rid Of Bad Google Reviews

Bad Google ReviewsGetting  a 5 star review on Google is hard. And even if you have a pretty good track record on Google, one bad review can possibly ruin you. As you probably know, about 85 percent of consumers search online reviews before making a decision on which product to buy. One bad Google review could cost you potential customers. It is not easy to get rid of bad Google reviews. In order to flag a bad review and have Google remove it, you need to know about the company’s review policies. Be aware Google does say in their policies that they “may” take down reviews that are flagged.

Google Review Policies

First of all, take a close look at the review. Find out if one of the following criteria apply: Is the review spam or or fake? In other words, does the review  even relate to your business? Is it very generic, or does the reviewer have a strange username? Has the same reviewer left multiple similar reviews? Try to find the person who left the bad review on social media networks. Did this person actually visit your business? If not flag it since it would be considered a fake or fraudulent review.

If the review in question contains inappropriate content (including curse words, and profanity), you also can flag it. That type of content violates Google’s policies and if you flag it, the company should remove it.  If you see a bad review from one of your competitors, you are able to flag it as well since this would be considered a fraudulent review. Sometimes you might see bad reviews that are not even for your business, but somebody else’s.

“It can be quite difficult and time consuming to remove a bad review, but keeping your online reviews at a high standard will help out your business tremendously,” CEO Planetguide Brett Bauman said.

You can also call the Google support phone number. When you make the call, have the Google’s review policies in front of you. That way you can point out how and why the review violates their policies while you are talking to a Google representative. For more information about Google Review Policies visit:

If you need help flagging a bad review visit:

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