We said goodbye to regular postal office snail mail a long time ago and welcomed email into our daily lives. It is a great form of quick communication that is paper-free and inexpensive….UNLESS you or your business do not practice good Email Security procedures. Do you want to learn more about Email Security – Spear Phishing?

Let’s talk about Email Security – Spear Phishing.

Email HostingSpear phishing has recently become a new ping word across the main stream media that involves using emails from known or trusted senders who have been spoofed in order to induce targeted individuals to reveal confidential information. This online tactic is not new, hackers have used it for years successfully. These Spear Phishermen or Phisherwomen will probably use your name, references to friends, maybe talk about something you just purchased online in the email. Then, the email gets to the real issue…a request for information. Because you probably know the “sender” of the email, you may not think twice about responding. And, this is where your Email Security problems will begin and you will get speared.

Email is the weak link when it comes to business security.

Why Me, you may ask? Most likely you have done something innocent online that has caught the attention of the Spear Phisher. Most likely you have posted something on Facebook about a new purchase like a camera or shoes. This information will now be used to camouflage the hacker as your friend who will then send you an email with a request for information like your password, re-verify a credit card, or other important information. If you provide the information, you will be hacked and harmed financially and more.

The best kept secrets are best left off the internet.

Who are you on the internet? If you don’t know, Google yourself and find out. Find out what is on the internet about you. Check for you name, address, family names and acquaintances.  Look at all of your posts for information that is unique to you that could be used against you by a scammer. Did you put your full birthday somewhere, your pets names, or your children’s names……Are these your passwords or security question answers.

Don’t use easy passwords.

I know that you have to remember your password, but don’t make it so easy that anyone can guess it. Once upon a time, back in the days when AOL and Prodigy were kings, simple passwords were not a big a problem because everyone was not on the internet. Today, everyone is on the internet as well as criminals. Create a really good password that includes unique, $<#<*, symbols with letters…NOT words or names. Plus, try to change your password a minimum of once a year. Make it a New Year’s resolution. It would be better to change your password more often then once a year, but once a year is better than never.

Think and re-read before hitting the SEND button.

Be smart when reading, opening and replying to emails. Make sure that you are emailing the person you are intending to email. Ask why would my friend or business partner need this information from me? When in doubt, pick up a phone and call the person and ask why. Just a few second delay in responding to one of the spear phishing emails will save you money, time, and lots of trouble.

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