Social Media is a very important part of many business’ marketing strategies. Have you used Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or maybe even TikTok? They really can help to connect a business with potential customers with a simple click of a button. Today, many social media users post and share all sorts of things, and they do not even consider the consequences of the post on copyright laws. Just because it’s available on the internet for download or copy and paste, does not mean it’s free to use.

Facebook & Copyright Rules Image | Planetguide NewsDoes Facebook Follow Copyright Rules?

Facebook does require all posts to follow copyright laws. The protection of intellection property rights, including copyright and trademark, are included in Facebook’s Terms of Service Standards. 

What Is Copyright?

A copyright is a legal right that protects original works of authorship such as songs, images, paintings and photographs. In order for a work to be consider an original work under copyright laws, the work needs to have a minimal amount of creativity and needs to be created by the actual author.

How To Post On Facebook & Still Follow Copyright Rules.

Just because an image is on Facebook does not mean that it is open to use for your own purposes. The same goes for any other social media site and the entire internet for that matter. The best way to make sure that what you post on Facebook does not violate any copyright laws is to only post content that you created.  Do not assume that providing credit for a work or perhaps a link to a webpage avoids copyright infringement. The holder of a copyright has exclusive rights to publish his or her work and giving credit does not immunize a secondary user from an infringement claim. To make matters even more complicated, when a social media account is created, users agree to a particular terms of use which will address intellectual property. It is important for companies to outline a strategy with rules for their social media posters to follow as guidelines to help avoid and protect against unwanted copyright situations.


Social Media is a wonderful tool to get your message out to potential customers. But, you must be careful when it comes to what you post. Stand out and be creative. Take a chance and push some boundaries with your videos and image posts, but make sure they are your videos and images. If something is fun and unique, you can reach new customers. If you need some help with these creative ads, give a call at 504-888-5384. We would be happy to think outside the box and help promote your business throughout the year.