What Is Hypertext Pre-Processor/Personal Home Page (PHP)?

PHP Upgrades | Planetguide Website DesignPHP used to refer to Personal Home Page but is now referred to as Hypertext Pre-processor.. PHP is a scripting language on the server that is used to develop static or dynamic websites that is used by almost 70% of all websites that use server-side programming. A scripting language is a set of programming instructions that interpret scripts at runtime which basically means it is used to automate processes that would otherwise have to be executed step by step in a site’s code every time they occur on the site. One example of a script can be a dialogue box that opens on a screen when a user clicks on a certain page.

PHP: Server- Side Scripting

Server-Site activity involves a web browser sending requests to the web server. The server will then respond to the request and display it on the user’s screen. PHP is used to request content from a website’s server/database and makes that content visible and accessible for the user. In order to maintain website efficiency, loading speeds, and storage capacity since everything cannot be stored locally on the web page at all times, PHP serves up the content only when it is requested. This helps with speed, storage and efficiency of the site.

PHP & WordPress

PHP plays a very large role when it comes to a WordPress website. PHP is the most important element behind WordPress themes and plugins. PHP is the scripting language that is used to communicate the WordPress Site’s server and delivers the content to the user’s screen. Even if the WordPress website is designed using a theme and plugins, PHP is still being implemented and used. This means that it is extremely important to not only to update WordPress and Plugins, but also the PHP Script on the server.

Updating PHP

It is important to always update your software whether it the WordPress Theme, Plugins and even PHP. PHP is currently at version 7.3 as of 6/18/2020 and with each version upgrade, users have noticed a huge performance increase that is 3 to 4 times faster than older versions. In addition, the newer versions have addressed the latest security concerns.

Planetguide Can Help With Your PHP Upgrade

Don’t worry. If you are uncertain about how to upgrade your PHP or if you even need to upgrade your PHP, Planetguide.com can help. We can review your website and determine what version of PHP you have and then provide the best options for upgrading your website.